Conference Programme


10:00 – Registration + Coffee.

10:30 – Introduction by the organisers.


Session 1: Chaired by Prof. Thomas Charles-Edwards (Oxford)

10.40 – Prof. Barry Cunliffe (Oxford).

Pre-Roman Britain: “Celtic from the West.”

11:10 – Dr. Alex Woolf (St. Andrews).

Early Medieval Period: “The Ethnogenesis of the Britons: a Late Antique story.”

11:40 – Prof. Helen Fulton (Bristol).

Late Medieval Period: “Origins and Introductions: Troy and Britain in Late-Medieval Writing.”

12:10 – Questions and Discussion


12:40 – Lunch


Session 2: Chaired by Rhys Kaminski-Jones (University of Wales)

13:40 – Prof. Ceri Davies (Swansea).

Sixteenth Century: “Meeting the classical challenge: Sir John Prise and defending the British History.”

14:10 – Prof. Philip Schwyzer (Exeter).

Seventeenth Century: “The Politics of British Antiquity in the Jacobean Era.”

14:40 – Dr. Mary-Ann Constantine (University of Wales).

Eighteenth Century: “Celts and Romans on Tour: Visions of Early Britain in C18th travel literature.”

15:10 – Questions and Discussion


15:40 – Coffee


Session 3: Chaired by Dr. Nick Lowe (RHUL)

16:00 – Prof. Rosemary Sweet (Leicester).

Nineteenth Century: “Antiquaries and the Romanized Briton.”

16:30 – Dr. Philip Burton (Birmingham).

Twentieth Century: “Looking for Celts and Romans in Middle-earth.”

17:00 – Prof. Richard Hingley (Durham).

Twenty-first Century: “Hadrian’s Wall and the unity of the nation: putting monumentality to use in thoughts about Scottish and English identity.”

17:30 – Questions and Discussion


18:00 – Drinks Reception.